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The Kriston Intimate Training® (KIT) is a copyrighted method of Andrea Kriston. It is a body awareness developement course, which enhance on the striated muscles of the pelvic floor.
It is possible to enhance continence, enhance sexual health,
keep the positon of the pelvic organs
and very effective for regeneration after surgery.

The training is suitable for both women and men,
as well as children, so apart from age and sex, preventative and self rehabilitation purposes.

In order to protect the pelvic organs, during the training make it possible to learn abdominal protection habits, because of the efficiency of the whole abdomen. Due to the characteristics, may be recognize the disorder for an overloaded connective tissue, or possibly psychosomatic origin.

The KIT is efficient for:

- haemorrhoid
- incontinence(urine, feces)
- descent bladder
- prolapsed rectum
- descent, or prolapsed vagina
- sexual dysfunctions of vagina or penis
- varicose veins around vulva and testicle
- menses disorders
- descent uterine
- prolapsed uterine
- enlargement of prostate
- endometriosis
- myoma
- vaginism


   The training does not and can not replace medical examination!

   If you have any kind of symptoms, please visit your doctor!

I'm teaching only private courses in Budapest, at Your home, according previous discussion.

Training time 2 x 3 hours
Training fee: 50.000,- HUF

David Geller, KIT Instructor

GELLÉR DÁVID 06209112910